I have been extremely happy with the services of South Coast.  I always feel that my property and clients are in good hands. Having a property management company like yours has been in demand in our area for a long time.  It is so obvious that you are doing it because it is what you know and desire to do, unlike a lot of companies that do it because they feel like that have to.   You and your staff are always on the ball and are always so pleasant to deal with.  I will be continuing to refer everyone I know over to your company because I know they will be very well taken care of!   Sincerely, Tracey Burdette

Kathy,  I am more that happy to give you and Cathy my whole-hearted endorsement.  I have the pleasure (or displeasure) of working with several of Savannah's Realtor/Property Managers over the 5 years we have had property in Savannah and I must sadly inform you that most that I have worked with are far below what I have come to expect from companies in their position.  There is a lassez-faire attitude that I get from most that makes me unsure of who to believe and trust.  So far, I have had nothing but respect for SouthCoast Properties, and I feel much better about keeping my "investment" in Savannah with you guys helping to look over it.  My wife has been trying to get me to pull out of Savannah, but with a dependable company on the other end, I think she is much more contented with keeping it.  Bill H. Hatley 

Hi Kathy, I am fairly new at owning a home which I am renting. I certainly appreciate all the effort that you have made on my part to find suitable tenants for my home and for keeping my home rented. You are most friendly and take care of my house as if it were your own! Thank you for your professionalism and for all you have done for me in this new undertaking--it is much appreciated!!  Diana

I am 100% satisfied with the services that Kathy Fairchild has/is providing me. She is a true professional!  When I came to Kathy I was very nervous about the whole process.I definitely needed to rent my house out asap, but I was really nervous about doing so because i had heard so many horror stories about it. She explained the whole process and made me feel so comfortable and confident that my home would be well taken care of. Within 2 wks. of listing my house was rented and i must say I have NO complaints. Kathy has done a great job!  Cristina Lewis

I'm pleased to recommend Kathy Fairchild. She has a positive, no non-sense attitude. She has responsibly handled two transactions for me. Mike Brennan

Kathy - With pleasure I will give you my comments:  When I first contacted you, I was under great pressure to find a new company, because my previous Management Co. gave me 2 weeks notice that they would no longer be managing my property.  At that time, I found out that they never had a signed lease with my tenant either, so I was "under the gun" to find a new Management Co.   When I first contacted you, you were efficient, knowledgable, kind and re-assuring.  Between e-mails, faxes and telephone calls, I had a contract from you, and an inspection of my property and a signed lease within days.  All contact since then has been very efficient.  My rent checks come in a timely fashion each month with a very uncomplicated statement which includes all charges received and paid out.  I will stay will your company and would recommend you to anyone.  Whenever I call or email you, your reply is received within 24 hours.  It's gives me great confidence that my property is being "looked after" and you keep me worry free.  Thank you, Janet Fredrickson

Kathy--You and your company have provided me with a high level of service with the management of my property in Savannah.  Your communication and timely payments have been well-appreciated and I have complete confidence in your abilities.  Thank you for your efforts. Dane Hulse

HI Kathy-- I feel that you have done an exceptional job for me and my husband on managing the property at 539 E. Bolton. It has been such a relief to have such a competent person handling this property for us. I can always rely on you to call me back within one business day and I love the fact that we get before and after pics of our property when repairs are done. Thanks for all your great help and service!! Colleen Roy

I met Kathy Fairchild through a collegue several years ago in a differnt capacity.  Even then she was very professional, pleasant, and a go getter; I enjoyed making her acquaintance.  Now some time past meeting her, I found that she had parnters in a business.  I knew I could use some help as a first time landlord; I knew I could use some help from Kathy and Cathy!  I contracted with them to manage a rental property that I own.  They found me a wonderful group of tenants who take care of the home as if it were their own.  I couldn't be happier with the success I have had with the whole experience.  I highly recommend SouthCoast Properties to anyone who asks!  Chris Vogler

It's my pleasure to have the opportunity to praise your services. I can begin with the transition from my former managing agent, you made that process absolutely painless and seamless. You were extremely professional with me as well as my tenant. You identified issues in my apt. that was clearly there for a long time. You notified me, found an honest contractor and remedied the problem. You always respond promptly to phone calls or e-mails. I have absolutely no complaints with your services. Not only are you extremely competent but you are equally as pleasant. It is a pleasure to do business with you and I would recommend you highly to anyone that needed your services. Sincerely, Denise Richardson
SouthCoast's services have been very good.  The thing that has impressed me the most has been the company's flexibility and responsiveness.  My wife and I travel  a great deal and SouthCoast has always responded quickly to our emails and worked with us on our account so that difficulties caused by travel, distance and even change of employment were overcome. Considering that soon after SouthCoast took our account we went overseas for a time, this was no easy task.  SouthCoast has been very timely in keeping us updated and informed about all pertainant information to our property.  In short, we are happy with SouthCoast's services and would recommend them for their hard work, professionalism and commend their ability to work with their customers' situations so that both the customer's and company's needs are met. Eric Marcantoni  

Kathy,  You have made our life so much easier.  I know our renters are always taken care of, you do all the work for us.  We never have to worry about our rental property and the check always arrives as promised.  I am so glad we found you and South Coast Properties.   Words cannot express how thankful we are for everything that you do.  To sum it up being with South Coast Properties is one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Sincerely, Teresa James

Kathy Fairchild is a dependable, efficient and reliable agent who looks after our property in Savannah, GA.  We highly recommend her. John and Shama Peterson

Kathy, you and your company have made it a pleasure to own property in the Savannah area. Your company is the reason i bought my second place. Thank you for doing a great job. Ron Leaphart

I have been extremely pleased with Southcoast Properties.  It is the only true property management company that I know in the Savannah area, in that it handles EVERYTHING, without requiring me to be involved.  I would highly recommend this company. Rob Livingston

I met Kathy over the phone and found her to be the professional to handle our property. She was quick to return my calls and emails and very courteous. Just the person I needed, being three thousand miles away!  Nancy from California.  Nancy LeQuire

Hi Kathy.  I am very impressed about your service, both you and Cathy are extreamly professional, I always receive timely and complete updates about my property from you. You also go beyond extra mile offering additional services at no charge, such as walk through the property, cordinate fridge delivery, etc for investors from other states.   I appreciate your great service and find your company extremely reliable. This is why I signed up with you to manage my other 2 properties. I don't know how happy I am with your extradinary services!  Cheers!  Mimi 

Aloha,  I apologize for the delay in my response, the holidays caught up with me early here.  I have been pleased with your professional attitude, speedy responses to my requests and my tenants, and attention to detail.  It has been a pleasure!  Hawaiian:
Mele Kalikimaka  (Merry Christmas)  and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou  (Happy New Year)  Jesse & Marilyn Whitfield

Kathy, I hope that this response is not being recieved too late.  I would like to state that your services and help with regards to my property at Hoover creek, although short and few, have been outstanding!  You were always available and prompt to respond to my concerns.  You and your company were quick in renting out my place.  You were able to almost meet my asking rental price at 100%, and very efficient in coordinating my bank information regarding my rental income transfer.  I appreciate all your help so far and look forward to many years of excellent service and problem-free renting.  Thank you. Regards, Farzad Seihoun

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